Publication date: 6 July 2020

I have been using this material in almost every patient I have seen since returning Nathalie’s seminar in Greece and am loving exploring with this in mind.  After this seminar, people have been noticing changes in my thyroid, my weight and my levels of stress and have been asking about the catalyst for those changes.  For that I can happily say it was you, Nathalie along with the amazing experience in Greece! 

I also saw a change in my levels of pain, depression and anxiety

The information you present, your dynamic teaching style and the relevance of this material  make for us an invaluable learning experience”.

Amanda Heyes (The Sutherland Cranial Teaching Foundation of Australia & New Zealand (SCTF of ANZ), with whom I have been teaching for 18 years and of which I am the immediate Past President.

“L’enseignement de Nathalie Camirand est original et innovateur et suscite la totale adhésion des participants et un grand engouement pour ses séminaires  J.P. Barral  ( Barral Osteopathic Teaching Organization)

« La maîtrise de Nathalie en ostéopathie intégrative  apporte une nouvelle dimension à l’approche clinique. Le cumul de ses connaissances, de sa grande méthodologie d’enseignement et de son sens de l’humour crée un environnement d’apprentissage et d’intégration idéal des différents systèmes : viscéral, neuro-endocrinien, vasculo-nerveux et crânien…»Renzo Molinari (Molinari Institute)

“One of the most appreciated and relevant lecturers we have had the pleasure of inviting in Hamburg. The new tools in the neuro-endocrino-immunology field that are taught are highly specific and efficient, and readily applicable in a clinical context” Torsten Liem (Codir. Osteopathie Schule Deutschland and Author)